At Remembrance Church, we believe that being “fully devoted” is a journey rather than a destination. God does not call us to stay in place, but to move ever deeper into His plans and purposes. 

In support of our mission, the Rc Spiritual Pathway is geared toward making fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The five elements of our mission – Connect, Experience, Grow, Serve, and Reach – are shown on the pathway, and together help bring forth abundant life in Christ, and deeper devotion to Christ.

Our Seasonal Ministry Guide provides a variety of opportunities to consider as you journey forward on the pathway.  Check out the
Rc Spiritual Assessment, which is designed to help you gauge where you're at relative to each element, and help determine possible next steps.  And be sure to pick up a "Passport to the Pathway", to help you track where you've been, and where God is leading you, on your spiritual journey.